Monday, August 15, 2016

Hola Queridos!

So many things happened this week! To start, we were able to see the monument in central Rosario- the National Flag memorial. Boy was it a sight! I have some cool pictures of the memorial that I was able to capture during the sunrise. We were in the area for tramite, something to do with my passport and other legal things that missionaries need to do, and ended up waiting for hours and not being able to get in!  But we were able to walk around the city and eat a subway sandwich so I am not complaining! 

We had a karaoke night in our ward this week that was a hit! The majority of the members showed up and participated and between the elders and us, we had 9 investigators! We sang a few songs in English- Let it Be, Dancing Queen, and We will Rock You. It was nice to hear regular music. As much as I love church music I do miss listening to normal music. Also I sang a song in Spanish with two young women- shout out to Ms. Harris who taught me all the good Spanish songs I need to know- they are very impressed when they find out that I know a handful of songs in Spanish. 

I made chocolate chip cookies for the members this week and they loved them! But they are not the same as the states... I think all the ingredients are different, the flour, sugar, butter... they turned out to be more like bread. Regardless they liked them, we are just spoiled with our cookies in the states. They have dulce de leche and alfahores so I guess we are about even. Also, I ate my first Asado yesterday and wow do the Argentinians do it right- so, so good! 

We had some interesting contacts with people in the streets this week. One of which Hermana and I were walking on the sidewalk and she tripped head on, dropping all of her things- cards spread out all over the ground. (We are used to her dropping her cards but this time beat all). I tried my best but could not hold back my laughter. A few men saw the scene, and one came to help us pick up. Having everything back in her hands, with me still laughing, Hna offered the man a card. We continued on our path and I said, "Well that's one way to contact!" 

This week we were able to testify many times of the pure love that God has for his children. We heard many people say that they feel like God has forgotten them- that their life does not matter to God. But we know differently. We are all precious sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. We have a Savior who knows us better than we will ever know. I was able to revisit my caligraphy skills and make a card for Graciela, one of our investigators, with the scripture 1 Nephi 21:16 in which the Savior says that we are engraved on the palms of his hand. She accepted the card with a sweet reverence, touching the scar that I had drawn on the hand of Jesus. He loves us one by one. He will never forget us, nor forsake us. 

Yesterday in church we were able to go to young women's with our investigator who is 13. The lesson was on mothers and how we can prepare to become mothers and wives. I think that above all, we should pray for the love of Christ. We should pray for the strength to develop attributes of Christ. We should find time to focus and help others as we know Christ always found the time. We should be worthy and pure in our thoughts and actions. I could not help but think of my mother in this beautiful lesson. She truly has the attributes of Christ and looks outward. She has time for everyone and she shows her love through kindness and service. Her testimony is strong and her example has always been a rock in my life. Thank you mom and all of the mother like figures in my life. You guys are the best and your sacrifices are not in vain. Growing up I was able to observe many righteous women who helped me define the kind of woman I want to be. Thank you for your righteous examples and your faith in Jesus Christ!

I love you all! Be strong and find strength in your Savior. Pray often. Find comfort and hope in the scriptures. The word of God can cure the broken soul (Jacob 2:8). 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Mathis

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