Monday, May 29, 2017

Running Rampantly

Rosario is Beautiful in the Fall

Divisions with Hermanas
So this week we enjoyed divisions with hermanas and running rampantly through the streets of Rosario, into the heart of the city where we came to realize that people did not want to hear one word of what we had to say and rarely accepted a simple, free card with the image of Jesus Christ. But that did not stop us!! We worked with the Hermanas Conte and Pardo, from Uruguay and Chile, and De Wet and Zuniga, from Paraguay and Argentina Sur. We bonded with them this week and were able to feel a stronger connection with them and a real desire to help them in their areas. I love being a sister training leader and getting to know hermanas with all sorts of different backgrounds and unite in the faith with them and be edified together! 
Fun Reunions at Stake Conference
This last weekend we had stake conference and were blessed to have a member of the 70 speak to us and profoundly interpret scriptures that I frequently read and had never noticed key details that he pointed out. He shared 3 Nephi 11, a chapter that we read over and over again because it is amazing. He asked us what the first thing that Christ taught when he came to the Americas, and we answered that he taught baptism and the doctrine of Christ. He shared verse 22: And again the Lord called othersand said unto them likewise; and he gave unto them power to baptize. And he said unto them: On this wise shall ye baptize; and there shall be ndisputations among you.
The first thing that Jesus taught is that we should not have disputations. We should not fight. We should not dispute on the doctrine of Christ. This is so important!! There are many times when pride enters our hearts, and even amongst the saints we find reasons to dispute. But Jesus teaches us to follow his example, to treat others with equality and with love, and to teach His doctrine in the way that he taught us. He spoke of the importance of the sacrament, and how it is a sin to disregard the commandments that we know to be true, stating specifically that to attend church and to partake of the sacrament is a commandment, and there should not be anything that justifies us from this sacred time and the opportunity to receive the remission of our sins. He stated he cannot go one week without receiving the remission of his sins, a member of the 70 who lives a very righteous life. But he specified that we are constantly sinning, committing errors. We need to partake the sacrament and participate in the service, not just take the sacrament. 
We are in a world that confuses bad for good and good for bad. Where sin is frequently committed and we wish to be in the world, but not of the world. How can we do this??
And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;10 For verily this is day appointed unto you to rest froyour labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;We can attend church, and keep ourselves unspotted from the world!!! Through the process of enduring to the end, attending church, strengthening our testimonies, reading the scriptures, praying, we are preparing for exaltation.
Christmas package that just arrived from a cute cub scout in my home ward
Love you all! Hermana Mathis

Running Rampantly for the Train

Monday, May 22, 2017

"I Left a Better Person Than When I Came In"

The Beautiful Keila! The Newest Convert in Rosario

So after a week of craziness and a lot of hope and prayers, Keila and Oscar were able to be baptized on Saturday, May 20th, and confirmed members on Sunday. We are constantly amazed at the true conversion that has occurred in their lives over these past few week and the sacrifices that they are making to follow the Lord's will. 
Oscar with Hermana Schmutz and her companion

Oscar is 77 years old, and he sticks to his word, arriving by taxi, sometimes walking (a rather far distance for a man his age and on top of that he has leg issues,) to make it to our lessons. Upon teaching him basically all of the commandments in one lesson, he exemplified the attitude of Nephi-- "I will go, I will do."  He has lived many years on this earth and some of these commandments are new and require work and sacrifice. But he is so committed and willing to make the change necessary, big or small, to enter into the waters of baptism. Saturday we were at the church and the time was racing and Oscar still hadn't appeared. We had arranged earlier in the week with a member that he would pick him up, but the member didn't answer his phone and we were becoming pretty anxious. Well Oscar showed up, walking through the doors with a huge smile on his face, his face all frozen and red and his hair blown in every direction.  He looks at us and says,  "Vine en moto!!!" Haha the poor 77 year old man came by motorcycle with the member on a freezing night already suffering a cold.  He had this huge grin on his face which grew even bigger as he came out of the water in all white and was just glowing. 

Presenting Keila!
Keila is 18 years old and is so dang smart. We teach her a lesson then return to see if she remembers it and then she surprises us because it's as if she's got the info down better than we do!! She keeps up on all the reading assignments and is helping her aunt and cousin who were baptized about a year ago to remember the experiences they had and become more active in the church. She prays in all the lessons, and was asked to give about every prayer in church as well, and her prayers are so beautiful! She thanks God for having placed us in her path, for having taught her the truth and for the opportunity that she has to learn God's gospel, and how this is the happiest she has ever been in her life. She is the best!!! On Saturday she was just a ray of sunshine, beautiful and so happy! She shared her testimony on Sunday in the ward and amazed everyone with her knowledge and goodness. She has shown interest in serving a mission as well so that would just be a dream come true. She is like our best friend and we are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to teach her, and for God hearing our prayers over a month ago and bringing her back to Rosario to live with her family. 

So it was an amazing week. Oscar and Keila are golden and were just so prepared through it all. Oscar shares his testimony in the classes we have at church. In one of our first lessons, Oscar as he was leaving, stops, looks at us, and states,  "I left a better person than when I came in."  I have seen this in the two of them. They were already amazing, but God has been able to make them even better!!!! 

I love this gospel and this time I have to dedicate to the Lord and to help my brothers and sisters on this earth.  I love how the gospel can make bad people good, and good people even better! 
Love you all so much, share the gospel! Happiness follows. 

Hermana Mathis 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Birthdays, Mother's Day Skype and Piojos, Oh My!

Los Hermanitos

Shout out to Word's Best Best Friend!

Hermana Guaraglia made me pancakes for my Birthday!
Not one but two birthday dinners with birthday cake!

Oh the fun that can be had in elevators!
Thank you to everyone who was so kind to send me a little birthday email, you are all the best and I am so grateful for your love and support!!

This week was another great one, and another crazy one! We started off the week in divisions with Hermana Ritchie and Hermana Moore!! SO great! And we made apple crisp to continue the tradition with Hna Ritchie! I set out with Hna Ritchie to preach and we taught Nora after many weeks of not being able to teach her. She felt the Spirit very strongy and to close we sang "Abide with me, tis eventide," to which she was left in tears, and her 8 year old son told her after it sounded like angels were singing! Now, I wouldn't say that, but I do know that there is truly power in music and the lyrics of the songs.

We had our last interview with President Zanni who will be returning home the end of June. He is truly a spiritual giant who helps me recognize the need to always follow the Spirit and to establish a strong relationship with him. The Spirit helps us in circumstances where human help cannot, knowing us perfectly and guiding us and protecting us, helping us always abide in the love of our Heavenly Father.

Thursday for my birthday my awesome comp made me pancakes! We had divisions as well and I got to work with my dear companion Hermana Schmutz again! It was a pretty cold, rainy day but it was a joyful day! We ended the day with not one, but two dinners with two of my favorite families here! Larrosa and zalazar! They also made me a birthday cake! Friday marked one year for Hermana Guaraglia and we woke her up with a spray foam! haha time flies when youre having fun. surprise of the week was that I had piojos! If you dont know what that is look it up in google. Not too fun, but thank goodness for a loving mission presidents wife who saved me and we are all good now, no more piojos. 

Sunday at our Bishop's House
Skyping with My Family for Mother's Day
Sunday--- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU MOTHERS AND WONDERFUL WOMEN IN MY LIFE!! So great to skype the family and know they are all doing well. Oscar came to church Sunday after a mix up with his address and an hermano who was going to pick him up. But Oscar was determined to walk to the church from his house in the poor condition of his leg.  Luckily as he left to walk to the church, the hermano passed by and was there to take him to church, miracle!!! Oscar is planning to be baptized this Saturday as well as Keila! They are progressing beautifully and surprising us with their light and knowledge daily.
Dancing on the Rooftop
Love you all! Love this gospel! It is too perfect not to share. I read 2 nefi 2 the other day and truly am amazed at the perfect plan of happiness that God has created for his children. The purpose of this life it to have JOY, and we experience true joy through our Savior Jesus Christ. I Hope that you all have a wonderful week. 

Hermana Mathis :)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Faith With Works Is Alive!

Apparently This is How They Live in Baigorria!  Not Too Bad for Missionaries!
Another week has come and gone! First week of the transfer with Hermana Guaraglia was great! We are seeing progress and recognizing how the Spirit works in the lives of others. A few things that I need to catch yall up on...

Feliz Cumpleanos
Oscar- Oscar is a man in his upper 70s who we found several weeks ago in the street. He had recently moved from Neuquen where he'd been for 20 years. We got his direction (address?) and passed by a few days later and he told us that his daughter in law is a member and that he had a copy of the Book of Mormon. He looked us straight in the eyes and told us that we should feel very happy with our work as missionaries that day, because we had found a lost sheep!  We taught him two lessons in the church and he took a taxi both times and arrived without a problem. Upon teaching him the restoration he felt the Spirit very strongly to the point where he could not talk, saying that the message really touched him and he knew it was true. The other day we taught him the plan of salvation and he understood surprisingly well. As we were playing the opening hymn in Sacrament Meeting, he walks in with a grand ol smile on his face. So he is perfect and he is preparing to be baptized in this month of May.

Keila- Keila is the niece of a less active member we have been working with. She lived with her aunt and cousin for 3ish weeks and we would pass by and teach them all, but she began to show a lot of interest and began to read and pray and came to church with her aunt. So this was about a month or so ago. Well, her dad wanted her to return home, many hours from here, so before we knew it she had returned home and we lost contact with her. We were praying that she could return and continue with the lessons. This week she returned and is now here to stay! She came to church Sunday as well and is also working toward baptism! 

Diego- Diego is an investigator who we had left, 20 years old. He wasn't progressing too much when we visited him in the beginning of the last transfer, but he just shows up to church one Sunday on his bike out of the blue and the following week and he is doing well! He is hard to contact throughout the week, but he says that he knows the church is true and he is excited to continue learning more. 

The Montenegro family are doing well. They are truly an incredible family in the process of conversion. It is hard to get them to church but they know that the message we share is true!! El Hermano is still trying to stop smoking, but a few weeks ago, a member gave him a priesthood blessing and he says that this is helping, and that he is finding more strength to try to stop. 

Hermana Zanni with all the Sister Training Leaders
I am happy to be serving here in Baigorria and I love sharing this message of love and hope. I know that God knows what his children need, and when they need it. I trust in Him and His goodness.  I know that through faith, all things are possible. Faith consists of believing, having hope, and acting. Faith without works is dead, but faith with works is alive!!! I hope that our faith will be strengthened in our actions and that it is always centered in the source that will never let us down or lead us astray, Jesus Christ. 

With Hermana Guaraglia
Stepping in Dog Poo is Better than Being Bit By a Dog, Right?
Party at the Church
Love you all,
Hermana Mathis 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Soaking up our last days together before Transfers
Hello everyone!!  Lots of pictures this week but no time to write my regular letter. This week was just a bit whack! We had transfers and because it was a national holiday this Monday we made the changes a bit later than usual! But what a week it has been! Full of miracles and tender mercies of the Lord! Hermana Schmutz will be spending her last transfer in Funez with Hermana Braz from Brazil. I will be staying here in Baigorria with an Hermana from Uruguay, her name is Hermana Guaraglia.  She has one year in the mission! (in about a week). I am sad to lose Hermana Schmutz but don't worry, I have already arranged to do divisions with her next week.  I am her sister training leader. Ha ha.
Roaming the streets of Rosario Together

Looking forward

parting with Hermana Schmutz-  Sweet Sorrow

Matching scarves for our ward choir
Mini Missionaries 

Highlight of the week was the mini MTC activity that we had.  We got to see lots of our favorite youth from all around the      area. The choir Sunday was also a            highlight. 

Note from Haylie's mom: Haylie was the first to be told of her one and only sister Lauren's formal engagement but the last to hear as today was the first time she was able to get on to receive her emails since the engagement last Tuesday.  She is excited for her but sad to know that she will miss the wedding scheduled for August 11th.  We are so proud of her for the grace and support she has shown as she makes this sacrifice.  It is her birthday next week so all the love and support she can receive from you right now would be especially great.  Her email is  Muchas Gracias!