Monday, May 8, 2017

Faith With Works Is Alive!

Apparently This is How They Live in Baigorria!  Not Too Bad for Missionaries!
Another week has come and gone! First week of the transfer with Hermana Guaraglia was great! We are seeing progress and recognizing how the Spirit works in the lives of others. A few things that I need to catch yall up on...

Feliz Cumpleanos
Oscar- Oscar is a man in his upper 70s who we found several weeks ago in the street. He had recently moved from Neuquen where he'd been for 20 years. We got his direction (address?) and passed by a few days later and he told us that his daughter in law is a member and that he had a copy of the Book of Mormon. He looked us straight in the eyes and told us that we should feel very happy with our work as missionaries that day, because we had found a lost sheep!  We taught him two lessons in the church and he took a taxi both times and arrived without a problem. Upon teaching him the restoration he felt the Spirit very strongly to the point where he could not talk, saying that the message really touched him and he knew it was true. The other day we taught him the plan of salvation and he understood surprisingly well. As we were playing the opening hymn in Sacrament Meeting, he walks in with a grand ol smile on his face. So he is perfect and he is preparing to be baptized in this month of May.

Keila- Keila is the niece of a less active member we have been working with. She lived with her aunt and cousin for 3ish weeks and we would pass by and teach them all, but she began to show a lot of interest and began to read and pray and came to church with her aunt. So this was about a month or so ago. Well, her dad wanted her to return home, many hours from here, so before we knew it she had returned home and we lost contact with her. We were praying that she could return and continue with the lessons. This week she returned and is now here to stay! She came to church Sunday as well and is also working toward baptism! 

Diego- Diego is an investigator who we had left, 20 years old. He wasn't progressing too much when we visited him in the beginning of the last transfer, but he just shows up to church one Sunday on his bike out of the blue and the following week and he is doing well! He is hard to contact throughout the week, but he says that he knows the church is true and he is excited to continue learning more. 

The Montenegro family are doing well. They are truly an incredible family in the process of conversion. It is hard to get them to church but they know that the message we share is true!! El Hermano is still trying to stop smoking, but a few weeks ago, a member gave him a priesthood blessing and he says that this is helping, and that he is finding more strength to try to stop. 

Hermana Zanni with all the Sister Training Leaders
I am happy to be serving here in Baigorria and I love sharing this message of love and hope. I know that God knows what his children need, and when they need it. I trust in Him and His goodness.  I know that through faith, all things are possible. Faith consists of believing, having hope, and acting. Faith without works is dead, but faith with works is alive!!! I hope that our faith will be strengthened in our actions and that it is always centered in the source that will never let us down or lead us astray, Jesus Christ. 

With Hermana Guaraglia
Stepping in Dog Poo is Better than Being Bit By a Dog, Right?
Party at the Church
Love you all,
Hermana Mathis 

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