Monday, August 7, 2017

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Marina and Ludmila on their baptism day, August 5th 2017
What an incredible week we were blessed with here in Funes- the highlight of the week being the BAPTISM of MARINA and LUDMILA!!! I continue to be amazed at their progress, their wisdom and their goodness. They were well prepared for this day long before the missionaries began teaching them. There was a sweet reverence in the baptism and they just radiated light and love! President Allred and Hna Allred were able to join us for the baptism as well. We put together a musical number and sang with her "Teach me to walk in the light." We were able to witness the miracle of member missionary work and how much smoother it goes when members participate. El novio, Cesar Verano, was able to baptize the two of them. He bore his testimony yesterday in church after the two had received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and espressed his gratitude for God and how he was able to baptize *pause* possibly his future eternal companion. We were dying, but we was just so full of joy and further details show that they have talked about possible marriage in the end of this year!!! So exciting!!!! 
Entering the Waters of Baptism

So this week as we were talking to Marina, we discussed the gospel, temples, blessings that God gives to us, and she told us of a hard time that she had some years back. She was suffering from the loss of loved ones and truly was feeling a deep hurt within, and she explained how she had several member friends and co- workers at the time, but they never opened their mouths. She, through tears asked, "Why didn't they share this message with me-  knowing the peace and the comfort it brings? Why did they never tell me that they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" This was a humbling moment in which I realized the importance to always open our mouths and look for opportunities to share the gospel. Sometimes we may be ashamed or fearful or fill in the blank, but the message that we carry can tranform lives and we never know who will accept the message of love and peace that we offer. 

We were able to attend leadership council this week that came just right when I needed it. The beginning of the week was a bit tough, I'm still not really sure why, but my mind was running circles and I did not have the best attitude. I felt like my efforts fell short. In this meeting we were able to focus on the Savior and all that He did for us. We have started the challenge to memorize the Living Christ in Spanish and it's going well, testimonies were shared and the Spirit was felt. We explained the importance of connecting to the powers of heaven, and we were asked how far we are willing to stretch to connect to the power of the Savior.  Sometimes we do not stretch enough, and we wait for Him to come all the way to us, but to receive the powers of heaven we have to do our part and we have to call upon the powers of heaven. Pres. showed us how in 2 nephi 2:25, Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. In the footnote for joy it also says, the potential to become like Heavenly Father. When we stretch ourself a little further, and follow the example of our Savior, and connect to the powers of heaven, we become more like our Heavenly Father and we have more joy!!  One comment really stuck out to me in council. The missionary said, many people tell us that we are wasting our time, that we should be enjoying life at this age, studying, dating, etc, and we do hear this every once in a while. The missionary said, "It is never a loss of time, I would have lost the best opportunity to know my Savior Jesus Christ. Every day, hour, minute is an opportunity to know Christ better, and every second counts. 

With Marina and Ludmila
A few moments this week...
Hermana Allred and Her Lemon Bars
Hermana Allred made lemon bars for the baptism, SO GOOD, it had been way too long!! President shared his testimony as we were closing the meeting and explained how his wife made lemon bars and how good they were, how Marina can eat 3 and Cesar only one...then he says but the Holy Ghost is even better than lemon bars hahahahhah we were dying. Too good. Un capo!

A young girl who is just a doll told us that although her dog didn't know us, he loved us. She gave us dandelions and told us that her wish would be to be our friend when she is older. Wow, the
My sister Lauren and Matthew
most precious thing we have ever seen. 


Hermana Mathis


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