Monday, July 11, 2016

And it Begins! Week 3

With Sister Romero: These companions are going to have a difficult time separating to their  own areas of Argentina
This week has been great! The days are picking up and it is crazy to think that I will be on a plane beginning my journey to Argentina in a few hours. CRAZY. I am so excited!! It has been a busy week but that isn't much different than every other week here. Hermana Romero and I are continuing to have too much fun and to laugh through the hard times. Our Spanish is coming along and I had a dream in Spanish which is always a good sign! I would love to list all the funny times Hna. Romero and I have had but 1- I do not have enough time, and 2- you probably would not find it as funny as we did. Regardless we love the MTC and are so sad to no longer be companions in a matter of hours. 

The Greatest District Ever
I realized that I hadn't really talked about my district or teachers yet, well. . . they are all AMAZING. We get along so well and the spirit is so strong when we are together. It is so cool to see the progression we have all made together in a matter of weeks. Our teachers are angels. They are so happy and so fun and truly radiate God's love and the happiness found in this gospel. Through a few interviews with them this week, my love has really grown for them and I know that they are inspired and were my teachers for a reason. Such great examples of the missionary that I want to be. 

Hna. Romero and I sang in the MTC choir this week, the musical number was "More Holiness Give Me." It was a great experience to participate in the pleads of thousands of missionaries, asking to become better, to have more holiness, more happiness, more kindness, more faith, more love. 

Our director discussed the truth behind being "equally yoked" with the Lord, explaining how many times we believe that we are truly equal with the Lord in carrying our burdens. In reality, we are carrying about 5 of the load, this little sliver of a burden. His yoke can and will carry us. This helps me put things into perspective, helping me see that my own problems are not as big as they may seem. The Lord's hand will be with us throughout the entirety of the way. If we come unto Christ, and turn to him in those moments where our burdens seem too heavy to bear, he will make them light, and will bring to light how minute our burdens really are. 
Matthew 11:
 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

With her MTC instructor whom she adores
Also in that devotional we heard from a former member of 70 who talked about faith, and the progression in the levels of faith found in the Book of Mormon. He discussed how sometimes we may just start with a particle of faith (Alma 32:27) but this can grow into much faith, exceeding faith, exceedingly great faith, and unshakable faith. The Lord is the author and the finisher of our faith (Moroni 6:4). He will take our faith at whatever level it is at and continue to strengthen it, until the day when we will stand before his presence and no longer will need to have faith, because at that moment we will know perfectly that He is the Christ and Savior, and that God is our loving father in heaven. 

Our lessons with investigators went well this week! We were able to sing himnos in a few of our lessons with really brought the spirit in, and calmed the troubles and doubts of our investigators. I have always loved music and the power it has to testify of the truth. As we sang Nearer my God to Thee, tears were brought to our investigator's eyes. It was an incredible experience to share as a companionship. 

Two great things happened on Saturday:
1. I committed to being on the wall for the rest of my life- this in a sense means that I will be striving to choose the best thing to do, when also placed before something good or better. It means that I will be like Samuel the Lamanite who had enough faith in the Lord to put his life on the line and preach the gospel through the power of the spirit. 
2. I was challenged by my branch president to finish the Book of Mormon before I left the MTC. He challenged me when I was in the middle of Alma. Well, after two weeks and two days I was able to complete it! I am so grateful for this book and the defining role it has played in my life. I know it is true. I know that because I have read it and have personally asked God and in doing so I received an answer. 
Watch this to see Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon:

I cannot wait to be with the people of Argentina. I know that I have been called by God to serve, and that He knew far before me that I was supposed to serve in the Argentina, Rosario mission. How exciting that this time has come! 

Everyone, please remember that God loves you. He wants to hear from you. There is never a time where you cannot talk to Him. So whatever you are going through, keep moving forward. Keep on trusting. Do not quit, and do not look back. Work hard. Have faith. Know that Jesus Christ is a Savior, but more importantly KNOW Jesus Christ. We are forever indebted to Him. He lives. Thank you for your love and prayers! Next time you hear from me I will be in Argentina!! 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Mathis

With Reno friend Tyler Meidel who teaches next door

Presenting our much loved Footes on the wall of the MTC
Off and Away

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