Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dia De Amigos: Week 5

This week was great! It sure flew by in comparison to last week! We had many inspiring moments, some funny moments, some awkward moments, and all that is in between. We were privledged to meet many people who were receptive to our message, and if they did not want to hear it they were at least nice in their way of telling us (the majority of them).

Haylie's Companion celebrates 13 months in the mission
Friday marked my one month in the mission! To celebrate, the awesome hermanas in my pension woke up early to surprise me with crepes! They are seriously the best. We get along so well and at the end of the day when we are all together any doubts or bad feelings that may have been lingering through the day all vanish, and I remember how fun missionary work is, and how happy the message of the gospel can make people! 

It was national dia de amigos this week, but the day was quite the opposite. Everyone we tried to contact quickly turned us down. We though on a day where friendship is celebrated we would have some uplifting conversations with some kind souls, but that was nnot the case. But throughout the day we found time to laugh and kept an eternal perspective. Even if just one person was touched we did our job!

One of the things I have learned so far is the importance of service. Our purpose in this life is driven from service. Cheryl A. Esplin states that we must throw away the mirrors and look through the window. I have felt so much happiness teaching simple truths to Gods children. Happiness is not found from looking in, but from looking out and acting on what we see. 

Miriam, Victoria, and Naomi- the ones who came to church last week- came to church again this week! Miriam is a less active member but we see the change in her that she wants to go to church and wants to do the thinks that will please her hevenly father. It was incredible to hear her talk about how her week following her attendance at church had been her best week in a while. There was peace in her home and hope in her heart. And her little daughter (6 years old) told her that she wants to be baptized. It has been so cool to see this change. Victoria is Miriams niece that is 14, she has been very recpective to the message and we gave her a Book of Mormon this week. We are excited to see what is in store for her. 

We had an amazing experience yesterday. A member from a neighboring ward gave us a referral and we set out to find this woman. Well, when we got to the door, the woman (Graciela) was quick to tell us that she was not interested. She is an elderly woman in her 70s. We began to open our mouths and testify of the happiness and love that we feel in the gospel. She opened up on the doorstep and began to cry, telling us that her husband had passed away several months ago. She hugged us and invited us in to share more with her. We discussed the Plan of Salvation, how God has this plan in store for all of us, and how we know that she will see her husband again. We discussed our Savior Jesus Christ, who will succor or- or run to us- in our afflictions. He has payed the price and for this we do not have to go through anything alone. We could tell that she felt extremely alone, never having children and now living in a house without someone she had grown old with, not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. In the beginning of our visit, she was speaking through tears, but as we continued her tears turned to trust. She was calm, and knew that she was feeling the Holy Ghost, in fact she said that she could feel that Christ was in the room with us, bearing witness of the truthfulness of the message. We spoke of her husband, how he is in a happy place now, hearing about the gospel of Jesus Christ and resting from all his labors. She was lifted as we reassured her that he is with her, and he wants her to find happiness again. In this moment we could feel his precense in the room. The spirit was undeniable and I know that she will see him again. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphet and she just kept kissing it with the beautiful image of the Savior rising from the tomb. My heart was lifted. I know that families are eternal and this is one of my favorite things to teach as a missionary.

I wish I could tell you all the miracles I have witnessed throughout the week. Every day is a miracle. Every time we can look someone in the eyes and tell that that they are a son or a daughter of God, and that God loves them is a miracle. I am happy and am safe! God blesses his missioaries, Love you all! 

Hermana Mathis

Having fun with the Hermanas in her pension

Winter is a bit chilly in Rosario!

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