Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Spring and Mother's Day in Argentina!

Happy Mother's Day Down Under 
Another great week in Villegas! Also Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. We celebrated the holiday yesterday here in Argentina and it was a great day to remember all of the daily sacrifices mothers make. It is so true that a mother's love is the most comparable to our Heavenly Father's love. We handed out carnations to the moms in our ward and, a super tender mercy, we were invited to eat asado with Graciela, a recent convert, and her family!!! We just about cried. So we had a great mother's day surrounded by some great company.   

We had a lesson this week with a couple who had taken the missionary discussions years back. They were excited to let us in and to hear our message. We shared a beautiful time bearing our testimonies of Christ and had gained confidence with them quickly because by the end of the lesson we were in a VIP concert.  The woman busted out her karaoke machine and sang about 4 songs for us. We were having a ball, just the two of us being her audience and you bet there was some awkward eye contact involved, and all the while we didn't exactly know how to bring the concert to a finale. Luckily it didn't go on out night, it all worked out, and we left her house singing the songs ourselves. I tried to throw Hermana Whitworth under the bus and say that she loved to sing but she wasn't having it. Maybe next time. 

Someone finally accepted our service offer this week! We got to plant flowers and help our investigator Magali with her yard. Service is the best and it is about time someone agreed to let us help. We offer free service you'd think people would be running at our feet. We are on the search for more service acts to do because service is the best! 

We were really craving some brownies the other day so we used whatever resources we had which happened to be hot chocolate mix to create something resembing brownies. It wasn't half bad, we miss betty crocker's mix but sometimes we just have to make do. We are still trying to figure out how to make pumpkin bread with the slim resources we have here. It is crazy the wide variety of everything that we are blessed with in the states. 

Last night we went to give a carnation to a kind woman who works in a little market we always pass on our daily walk. She had lost her only son several years back and we knew that it was probably a hard day for her being mother's day. Well she let us into her house and we were able to teach her, her sister and her sister's husband. They had questions ready and fired them off, each question leading to a different gospel lesson. We spoke of God's plan of happiness for each and every one of us. We spoke of the need to have a strong belief and faith in God in this ever moving world. We spoke of the bible and the book of mormon, and spoke of how Jesus Christ came to visit the Americas. It is really refreshing to talk to people who have questions and want to learn more. Though we acknowledged that we were far from perfect, and that perhaps we didn't explain something in the clearest way, we testified of the truthfulness of the gospel and the importance to seek God in our lack of wisdom, because there is not anything that He does not know. 

Every day we are learning something new, every time we open the scriptures and read with an open heart we are overcome by the examples of goodness and the doctrines of truth. It is a great time to be a missionary and a witness of Jesus Christ. We are promised that every time we confess the name of our Savior to others, Jesus confesses our name to our Heavenly Father. That is pretty cool-- what a promise. Share the gospel with others and do not be afraid to speak up for what you know to be true and right. Do not give in to Satan's lies nor give up when the road looks steep ahead. The Lord will fight for us, but not if we give up the fight. Keep on keeping on and have a great week. Love you all!!
Sunday Dinner with Graciela and family

Hermana Mathis 

So Yummy and prepared with love!

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