Monday, October 31, 2016

On Halloween, Telephones that think they are radios and Not getting fired as Primary Teachers

Matching umbrellas in the unrelenting rain.  Reports of
wide spread flooding in General Villegas

When Halloween falls in the Spring you have to
improvise and draw faces on oranges
Happy Halloween to everyone!! They do not celebrate quite the same here but kids still go out trying to get candy, though they are left to do the trick more often that the treat because not many people are willing to give out candy on their doorstep. Poor kids--they don't know what they are missing!

I am writing to you live from Venado Tuerto after taking another lovely bus ride leaving at 1:30 am and arriving here at 4 am. But we were seriously lucky because someone accidentally put the alarm for PM instead of AM, but luckily the elders called us in the middle of the night because all the lights in villegas had also conveniently gone out.  Regardless, the call woke us up and we got ready real quick without any lights and headed out in the pouring rain to get on our bus.

Our phone has the random tendency to play the radio sporadically, and it chose to start playing around 3:30 am on the bus. We were half awake and irritated that the bus would be playing music at such a cruel hour...and after about 3 songs we realized that the sound was coming from our bag. Those poor passengers!  And it took us another minute or two to try to get the music to stop so we just turned the phone off. So embarrassing!  We could not stop laughing and everything in the middle of the night is naturally 20x funnier so you can imagine the scene. 

This week was really quite great. We met a woman named Sandra(20) who has a little baby named Jonas and began to teach her. She is super sweet and really takes in what we are teaching, and has accepted a baptismal date for the end of November! We are also working with another woman named Karina who is depressed but seeking comfort in the scriptures and the messages of joy and hope that we share. She has also accepted a baptismal date for the end of November! 

We are still the primary teachers, they didn't fire us after last week. Yesterday was not quite as crazy. They colored and watched a living scriptures cartoon. Well ideally, they should have watched it but many were running around. We are progressing, don't you fret. 

Biscuits and Gravy with "Tia Argentino"
Tomorrow we have our zone conference and I am super excited. Our mission president is such a spiritual giant and I have so much to learn from him. He pushes us and helps us to be the best missionaries we can be, to teach with the spirit, and to have faith! Faith is so key. Faith will lead to action and will result in miracles. God is a God of miracles, yet our eyes are more opened to His miracles when we have faith and leave our doubts behind. Have faith in the One who created you, who loves you perfectly. Have faith to follow His counsel whether or not it is what you were planning on. He will never lead us astray, and then one day our faith will not be necessary. We will know without a shadow of a doubt the truthfulness of the things we now believe with faith. Hold strong until the end with that faith.

 Love you all!! 

Hermana Mathis

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