Monday, November 7, 2016

Right Song, Wrong Tune: Sometimes life is like that!


To start off the week we were in Venado Tuerto with 4 other sister missionaries so you can imagine we had a great time all together. On Pday we ate ice cream and dyed hair(...dont worry I didn't dye mine to those who might be scared, the red locks are staying) and enjoyed each other's company. We also bought a ton of candy to eat because it was Halloween!!! We had a powerful zone conference in which I learned the importance of doing all that we can do and after we put in our all that is when we will see the hand of God. Help comes when we reach our limit and rely on the mercy and grace of the Lord to help us complete things we could not do on our own. 

Saturday we got to go to a baptism for the sweetest little girl who was an investigator of the Elders. Hermana Whitworth did her hair all cute and braided with a white ribbon. The spirit that was felt during the baptism was undeniable. Hermana Whitworth and I got to speak on baptism and the Holy Ghost and it was a great opportunity to share our testimonies to many people who had come to the baptism and weren't of our faith. As we watched videos of the Savior I marveled at all that He truly has done for us and the perfect example He set. I love Him and am trying my best to strengthen my relationship with Him through praying and reading the scriptures which testify so clearly of His divinity. At the end of the meeting we sang,  "How Firm a Foundation" but we accidentally ended up singing it to the tune of "The Spirit of God," everyone went along with it and it totally would have worked out until the last line which was just kind of hanging there awkwardly as the tune cut off. Haha, the poor Elder who was leading. 

We had 4 investigators come to the baptism and 3 come to church yesterday! Fast and testimony meeting was a special meeting, I always look forward to them here. Though we are small in number, there is a power in hearing the testimonies and bearing testimony, a power driven my the Holy Ghost which bears testimony of what is true. 

This week was a great week full of many spiritual lessons, a few setbacks, many laughs, heat and humidity... and lots of it. I am not too sure I'm ready for the summer!  Let me tell ya, pants in this heat is not the bee's knees! Ohh also, tender mercy yesterday, we were super lucky to stumble upon a birthday party for the little girl of one of the members in our group, Juanita. They invited us to eat with them and we stayed for a bit and let me tell you it was the cutest decorated birthday party I've ever seen...pinterest status. The theme was "the little red riding hood" and they had a bounce house... and I am still mad that I forgot my camera but you're going to just have to take my word on it, it was dang cute. 

Love you all! I love serving here in General Villegas with Hermana Whitworth. We have transfers this weekend and I am realllyyy hoping that we both stay but we will go where the Lord wants us to go. 

Much love,
Hermana Mathis
I guess Haylie forgot to bring her camera every day since this is the first week she has not sent any pictures.  Here are a few of her in Reno before she left for the field. 

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