Monday, November 28, 2016


With Hermana Ruiz on Divisions

Grandma Bea's Apple Crisp in a Bundt Pan:)
Here are a few highlights of my week:

On Thursday we did divisions with the sisters in La Florida which just so conveniently happened to be Thanksgiving so you better believe we made some apple crisp. I almost cried, it was such a dream. Divisions were super great! It is always wonderful to learn from other sisters and their strengths as missionaries. (Divisions are the same thing as exchanges so Haylie got to trade companions for 24 hours and work in a different area.)

On Saturday I think God was trying to baptize the whole city because it rained harder than I have ever seen in my life!! And yes we were outside during it, and yes we were very far from where our lunch appointment was. We ran, basically wading in water that at some points came up mid calf. We just laughed because we were soaked--completely soaked. We showed up for our lunch appointment in this sorry state and bless her heart she still let us in and gave us towels. Still, it was the coldest lunch of my life as it was impossible to dry off. 

We had stake conference this week!! And two great things happened! 
1. There is a less active (baptized in the church some 24 years ago) that we are teaching who we had quite the encounter with this week. He claimed that all the things we firmly believe were all false, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, etc. He told us the we were confused, that we were doubting, that we hadn't found Christ. So naturally this kind of pricked our hearts and led to a fired up discussion ending with us fervently bearing our testimonies and saying that there is nothing and no one who would take that away from us. Well, he showed up to the Saturday night conference after not going to church for 20 years. Out of all the people we thought were going to come, he was easily the last one on the list. He still has many doubts but this was huge for him to come. 

2. Claudio and Marta (The ones I wrote about last week) came to the Sunday morning conference!! It was a great meeting and the lessons were powerful. Each time our president and his wife speak I am just astonished at the spirit they bring into the meeting. One of the things they focused on is something that our church recently put on the website ILUMINA EL MUNDO!! Christmas is right on the horizon, even on this side of the equator, and we want to remind everyone about the true reason for the season. Jesus is the light of the world! We can share His light with others. It does not need to be some elaborate thing but rather small simple things that we can do daily to spread the light of Christ. We never know exactly the influence our light may have on others. Do not be afraid or ashamed to share what you love! Stay close to the light and rely on His light, and without a doubt your own light will grow as a result. In D&C 50:24 we learn that what is of God is light, and if we receive the light we will be given more and more light. Iluminate the world! And if you havent seen this great video yet give a visit and watch it. Its like 2:30 minutes so don't tell yourself you don't have time! 

Love you all! Illuminate the world! Share your light with others, and never underestimate the light that you already have!

Con muchooo amor,
Hermana Mathis 
Apple crisp with the Hermanas during divisions:  It was almost like  Thanksgiving!

With a family from our Ward

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