Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Easter! The Living Christ

The Highlight of the week was that we were able to travel to Arroyito for the baptism of Luis, who I found on splits with Hermana Billin.  She took my place in Arroyito and continued in the lessons with Hermana Moore and him. It was wonderful. We love him.  

Querida fam,
Hermana Moore, Luis and me

HOLAA!! Hope you are all doing well! Life is good down here in Baigorria, the weather is chilling up a bit which is lovely. We have officially made it through the terrible heat of the Argentina sun! 

Well it was another great week! We had splits early on in the week and were able to work with some great sisters and help them as they helped us! I was able to work with Hermana Braz, a sister from Brazil who has about 3 months in the mission. I was able to help her in something that I too had faced in the mission with changes in companion and        areas, and through this I was just amazed  how time flies. 

Ice Cream and Lessons with Hermana Zanni
We had the amazing opportunity to have Hermana Zanni ( our mission president's wife) spend an entire afternoon with us and preach the gospel! She is a spiritual giant, and teaches with so much love. She was adorable in saying that she feels like she is 20 years old and a missionary just like us- asking what lessons we were going to teach and studying them in the pamphlets, carefully marking the points she liked and what she wanted to share. In the end, all of the lessons that we had planned to teach were changed due to the needs of our investigators. So we followed the spirit and had some powerful lessons- one of which was with the Montenegro family, Maria and Juan (the parents).  They have been listening to the lessons for a few months and went to church once but were surprised at the irreverence of the children. Hermana Zanni explained the importance of families in the church, and the importance of teaching our kids about the reason why we go to church, to partake of the sacrament. They understood and are going to come to church this Sunday! They are a lovely family, happy and full of love. We taught them and they invited us to stay for dinner. Maria, without us nagging her (like we had done a few weeks ago,) decided that she would pray about the message that we shared. She said that one night she just felt the strong desire to pray, so she followed the prompting and said that she was filled with a warm feeling and inexplicable happiness and love. She knows that this was her answer and she has a new excitement to learn more and put her faith into practice! After the day working with Hna Zanni she bought us icecream and we had a list of questions prepared for her about her life, marriage, kids, everything. It was great!!

Berna is doing well- she has had some doubts about tithing but we are hoping that she will stay strong in her decision to be baptized!! Her husband Carlos is putting a lot of doubts in her head but Berna is rapidly reading the Book of Mormon and praying and we know that God is looking out for her. Nora is doing well! We had a frank talk with her the other day. She is still trying to stop smoking but the issue is not the smoking, it is the thing that causes her to smoke, the hard things that she is dealing with.  Hna Zanni accompanied us in a lesson with Nora as well and she was able to comfort Nora in her deep heartaches. We are working with Gabriela, the wife of a returned missionary who is inactive. Yesterday we taught the restoration and she was very interested and said that she would pray to know if it was true. She accepted a baptismal date for May 20th and her husband says that he would like to reactivate in the church and be able to baptize her! He needs to figure out the hours and his schedule with work because he has to work on Sundays usually, but we are super happy for them and their desire to put their faith in Gods plan, mercy, and love! 
I was prompted to study the Living Christ because of the words of the prophets and apostles that we recently heard. READ IT AND LOVE IT! It is so true, and as we grow close to Easter it is so important to remember the Savior and all that he has done for us and all that He continues to do. He lives! He loves us! He will come again to the earth and will be the perfect ruler and judge. He is our friend. He understands us, and He wants nothing more than to help us return home to our Heavenly Father. 
Have a great week and an expectacular Easter! 
Con amor,
Hermana Mathis

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