Monday, April 17, 2017

Muy Rico (Very Rich for the Gringos) This Easter Season

Happy Easter! Making Chocolate Easter Eggs
The Tu became UT show our Utah pride
hope that everyone had a great Easter! We had a great one here, eating fish (tradition) with the Montenegro family friday and Sunday with a family from the ward. MUY RICO. We ate a lot of chocolate and sang some lovely hymns and pondered on the message of hope that we have in our knowledge that Christ lives! And each and every one of us, because of Him, will be resurrected and live again after death, and our spirits and bodies will never be separated again! We enjoyed sharing Alma 11:40-46 this week. As we were talking about the message of the resurrection with a member yesterday, we inevitably talked about the "end of the world" or when Jesus will come to the earth once more. This sister, in her 80s, bless her heart, said with confidence that California would be the first to go. Who knows, maybe she's right. We thought it was kind of funny and an interesting presumption. Time will tell. 

Easter Sunday with the Diaz Family

We had a great time in splits this week with two Hermanas and fellow "yankees" from the US. We had a fun time all together. I was able to leave on splits with Hermana Bennett who is just a love. She's been out on the mish for about 13 months and she taught me so much, great example and a loving, happy spirit! Oh and speaking of the US, an elder brought cookies to our district meeting this Tuesday that he made from the dough his mom had sent him from the states. It was a dream come true. Cookies here do not turn out the same. 
Divisions with our other "Yankee" Hermanas 
So about a week ago we were surprised by a message from Susana saying that she did not want to continue the lessons. We were very surprised and confused because our last lesson with her was straight fire. She was so receptive to the message and so willing to keep the commitments that we left her. Well, we talked about her work on Sunday and the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy. They pay her very little but she needs to work to provide for her family. She agreed to talk to her boss about taking Sundays off and we promised her that God would provide a way for her, saying that when we put God first, He will take care of the rest. So she talks to her boss, and he says no. And Susana is in this predicament of knowing that she needs to have work but wanting to go to church. So she sent us this message because  it looked more likely that she would have to continue with the job she had, and she didn't want to waste our time if she wasn't going to be able to ever go to church. But she had been praying fervently with faith that God could help her. She said that only a few days letter, her friend called and offered her work. Turns out it's the ideal job, because they asked her when she could work, and how much they should pay her. She will work Monday through Friday, the hours that she chose and the payment that she chose which is better than what she was making before. And she is so happy and amazed at how God truly helps us when we put Him first. God works miracles. She asked us at the end of the lesson, "And the baptism? What was the date again?"  We almost fell over.  Her father who was baptized just a few months ago is preparing to baptize her. SO MUCH JOY. GOD IS GOOD. 

I had a super great scripture and thought to share but forgot to write it down and such, so just read everything! I finished the Book of Mormon this week and though I have read it many a time, I felt like this last time it really sunk in. The stories were brought to life. My heart ached upon reading the words of Moroni that he wrote after all his friends and family had been killed for not denying the Christ. I I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and every time I read it my testimony grows. If you have not read it yet, read it. It is so true, and I am so grateful for the many sacrifices that were made in order to have this book today. It is written for our day, and it is a source of hope and happiness. 

Love you dearest fam and friends,

P.S. Always great to hear from you. If you have any questions, doubts, comments, concerns, news, etc etc or anything you want to say to me personally, shoot me an email at

Hermana Mathis :)

Aww!  A Sweet New Baby:)
Some of our Ward Family in Baigorria

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