Monday, July 17, 2017

The Armour of Light

The Lions of Ramallo

On the Bus to Ramallo

This week just flew by! We had splits with two sets of Hermanas (from the areas of Parque Urquiza and Ramallo). We travelled to Ramallo which is about 4 hours from where we are. We had perfect luck and caught the bus that goes directly to their area by just 5 minutes! On the way back we didn't have much luck, missing our bus because the station couldn't charge more money on our card...haha but we made it back safely and before it was too late! 

So this week Oscar blessed the sacrament! I gave a talk in church which is always great! We dumpster dove to find my pin drive!!! We ate lunch with hna Prat, a member who  is about 85 years old, and I dropped my pin drive....we called to ask her if it was in her house but she said no...we stopped by that night to check for peace of conscience and as we are describing to her what it looks like she says that she threw it in the trash!! haha and so we went looking through her trash full of food and cannot find it! Then we end up dumping the trash all out and sifting through its contents with gloves...Hna Prat says "They are expensive too, aren't they?" haahah and we say,  "If you knew what it was and that it's expensive, then why did you throw it in the trash??" hahah By some miracle the pin drive showed up...appeared out of no where on the ground apart from the trash. tender mercies! 

Dumpster Diving
With Hermana Prat
Agustin took a little vacation back to where he's from for a week so we weren't able to teach him this week but should be able to this week! Nora says that Lucas is so excited to be baptized and is sharing with everyone how he will be baptized and when. He is a stud. Montenegro...Juan is improving A TON with the cigarretes!  He used to smoke 20 or more a day and now is down to 1 or 2!  We are just praying that our investigators will make it to church even when it is freezing outside!!!

And Fiorella and Brisa (converts from Arroyito) just had a great weekend in Buenos Aires with the youth of the stake performing baptisms in the temple and meeting with the mtc president. And Luis continues to write me saying that he is doing so well and and sharing words of gratitude that we were able to find him and teach him the gospel! 

The light of Christ is so evident in their lives! they inspire me! The light of Christ changes lives and fills us with joy. Let us put on the armour of light! Romans 13:12. We find this light through the scriptures, attending church, the temple, praying, and remembering our Savior. He will light our path and our hearts. 

Have a great week familia y amigosss

hermana mathis

New Beginnings from several weeks ago

The Mission at the Departure of the Zannis

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