Monday, January 16, 2017

Mini Miracles

The Sisters on the Loose with a Selfie Stick at Zone Conference 

This week was full of many mini miracles, and "coincidences" in the street that were divinely inspired by God. I could spend quite the time writing out every single experience, but just know that God is always so mindful of us, and that He will lead us to those who are in need of His help and His love. 

We had a great Zone Conference in which we learned the importance of inviting everyone to come unto Christ and to not be afraid to open our mouths and testify of the truth. We are never, nor will we ever be, abandoned. We can start over new. We can change and commit to be true disciples of Christ, and invite others to do the same.
We had a great lesson with Victoria and Roberto this week. They have not really been progressing much over these past weeks. They feel the Spirit when we teach but after we leave they fall back into their routine. Well we decided that we would read the Book of Mormon with them. Starting with the intro, then 1 Nephi chapters 1 and 2. The Spirit testified of the truthfulness of what we read. They were able to understand the scriptures, take the examples of those in the scriptures and apply them into their own lives. We then asked them if they would come to church on Sunday. Viky, usually the quiet one who waits for the response of Roberto, says yes, we are going to go, as a family. Wow the Spirit was so strong. 

We had a fun little birthday get together with Sheila who turned 16. Hna De Wet and I impressed all the young women with our justin bieber singing skills, or rather lack of. Sadly, Sheila is on vacation and has been for about a week which tends to complicate teaching and baptism and things, but it's all good. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we were struck with crazy rain. Some streets were flooded and this resulted in no investigators and only 24 members showing up to church. There is a lot of work to do!! We are trying to increase the love that is present in our ward. Love for God and for our brothers and sisters are the greatest commandments, and the greatest recipe for happiness and success in our lives. Really, if we are filled with love, the pure love of Christ, we will see everyone with the eyes that God sees them. In a talk yesterday, a member got real direct with the ward, saying that the reason many people are becoming less active is due to the lack of love in the ward. People are worried about their reputations or just being right which leads to quarrels and causes the love to diminish. The best way to show our love is serving others, and showing them that we have time for them specifically. 

Through my studies this week, I have marveled at how God truly places things, people and even trials in our lives for a reason, and everything in His own perfect time. They are placed by a wise and all knowing Father in Heaven and prepare us to face what comes next. Many times, He allows storms and winds, when He surely has the power to let them pass and  He guides us calmly and safely to our destination, eventually,  (Ether 2) As I was reading a talk recomended by my sister, "Bread or Stones, understanding the God we pray to," I better understood the importance of the trials we face and following the counsel of our wise and loving  Father in Heaven. He listens to our prayers and knows what we need even before we ask. Do not think that after 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, that he has abandoned you. His time is perfect and His answer may come to us in a delayed time (according to us), but a time in which we are prepared to receive His answer and can understand it better. There is never a prayer that goes unanswered or forgotten. 

Love you!!! Pray for you!!! God loves you and He is extremely mindful of you. Find time to show Him your love, serve others! Learn more about His love and His life. 

Hermana Mathis

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