Monday, January 30, 2017

Divisions, investigators and Sabbath Blessings

This week we saw many miracles!!

We had a great worldwide missionary broadcast that helped me so much to recognize again my true purpose as a missionary and recommit to working in a way that I am doing God's will, not Hermana Mathis's will. Right after the broadcast we went to La Florida and had divisions with the Hermanas there. I was able to work with Hermana Ruiz who is just a love and a great teacher, and a great cook!! And Hermana Ritchie made apple crisp so we were all happy campers. We were given a bit of a scare though when the apartment alarm went off around 2:00 am. After scouting out the scene we were reassured to find no burglar. 
Hermanas DeWet, Ritchie and Ruiz 

This week we were teaching one of our investigators, Hugo, and his sister. Well they help their mother every day who is 93 years old. Hugo and his sis are super different in their beliefs, doubts and questions so we had like 5 lessons going on at one time. But as the mother was in a state of pain, they asked us if we could pray for her (even though she cannot really hear either). Before the prayer, she was saying that she was hurting, and that she just wanted God to take her. Well, Hna DeWet prayed and silence captured the room- upon finishing Hugo and his sister had tears in their eyes. The feeling in the room completely changed. They told us that she slept that whole night without problems. Hugo said that if that happened, he would come to church, and he followed through and came to church! He still is in the middle of his questions, and thinks that every church just has their ideas. We are looking forward to continuing to teaching him. He wants to find a wife in the church as well after many times telling him I was too young for him, ha ha!

So I was sick with stomach issues and pains this week, and we went to the doctor. Upon me describing my symptoms, she told me that it was a probability I was pregnant. HA, we laughed and affirmed that was not the case. But all the children in the hospital had a fun time messing around with us, running circles around us, making spider man signs at us. We were dying, the hour and a half or so spent inside felt like an eternity. But on the brightest side, we made a pit stop at the monument being in that neck of the woods and snatched some fun pics. 

But listen up, Sunday is when the miracles all descended from heaven:  
So amazing to have Viky and Roberto with us at church!
First of all, Viky and Roberto came to church with their daughter Lucia and their son Jano!!! They even made it to church before us, because we walked to a less active member's house before to bring her daughter Fiorela, (14 years old) who is not a member, to church with us. She really liked it and she wants to keep coming (But she is about to move to a different ward, same stake)  She was all ready to go in a skirt and all!! Then I already told you that Hugo came! And another less active member we have been visiting came. We were just amazed at the tender mercies of the Lord. 

This week I read King Benjamin's speech and was just so amazed at his knowledge, wisdom and the power that he brought when he spoke, a power that made all those who were listening repent, and be filled with pure joy that lead them to a true conversion in which they had no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. I found myself marking just about every verse because the truthfulness of his words is incredible. He speaks of Christ and his atonement, the importance of being humble, of keeping the commandments, and the blessings that will always come as a result. Good stuff. Read it!!

Well love you all and next week i will know transfer news ahhhhh. Que tengan una semana muy buena!! 

Hermana Mathis

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