Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Never Underestimate the Power of Being a Friend

Hna De Wet is off to Parque Urquiza
Transfers came and I am staying here in Arroyito and my new companion is Sister Moore from Utah! I am way excited to stay here in this area and work with Hna Moore. I can already tell it is going to be a great transfer! 

Grand Old Reunion (We think Haylie's new companion is the third from the left)
Yesterday was great! As I was waiting for my new companion and sent off Hermana De Wet to Parque Urquiza in the bus station, I got to see all the sister missionies who I just love, and I got to say goodbye to the Hermana Zepeda who returned home this week! For those who do not remember she is the super amazing, fun sister that I shared a pension with in Parque Field when I started the mission. I remember celebrating her 1 year mark- crazy how time flies). Hna Billin was there it was just a grand old reunion!!
With Hna Zepeda and Hna Billin who shared our apartment in Parque Field

Yesterday we witnessed a miracle! So we have been visiting a couple named Ruben and Soledad for some time now, but they have been rather difficult to get a hold of. Ruben is a returned missionary, inactive, and is living with Soledad, his girlfriend who is not a member, and his 1 year old son Francesco. The few times that we are able to teach them are when we miraculously run into them on the street and set a specific time to to come over. Well a few days ago we did just that and set the lesson up for yesterday. So we went yesterday and he answered his phone, miracle, because he lives in a gated passage way and his doorbell doesn't work. But he received us and we got to know them better, talking about his mission, their families, their jobs, and the blessings that God has given them. We were able to gain their trust and understand their reasons behind having fears, etc. to return to church and we set up a lunch appointment for saturday and we are going to eat tacos (super stoked- it has been too long) AND he offered to have us walk to his house Sunday and he would drive and accompany us to church. WAHOO!!

Yesterday with Ruben and Soledad I asked Ruben what his favorite scripture was. John 15:13, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend." I LOVE THIS SCRIPTURE. I know that this love that Christ has for us is so real. We are his friends, imperfect humans who fall and fail over and over again. But I have marveled at the power of love and friendship these past few days. I think of all of my dear friends and family who have shaped and continue to shape my life, who strengthen and edify me. I read in D&C 121:9 in Joseph Smith's moment of severe affliction and suffering, how the Lord promised him that his suffering would be a small moment, and that his friends would stand by him. In Alma 17:2 I read how Alma rejoiced exceedingly to see his friends, his brethren in the Lord. I read in Mosiah 18:8 how we must be willing to bear one anothers burdens and to lift our friends up when they are feeling down, I learn from Alma and Almulek who strengthened each other and together were defenders of the truth, who were able to do more together than alone. Never underestimate the power of being a friend. You are all answers to my prayers and I thank you for being my friend! Have an amazing week!!
Hermana Mathis ❤ 
Our great ward members in Arroyito


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