Monday, February 27, 2017

I am a Child of God

The Beautiful Baptisms of Fiorela and Lucia
Hola family and friends!!

Killin it With Hermana Billin
It was truly a great week! I got to spend 5 days being the companion of Hermana Billin (one of the sisters who I shared the pension with in Parque Field!!!). It was a great time reflecting on some old memories and creating many new ones! She now has 14 months in the mission which blows my mind. She helped me a ton in teaching Fiorela and Lucia who were both baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday!!!!!

Pure Joy!
I CANNOT EXPLAIN THE JOY THAT I FELT AS I WATCHED THEM TAKE THIS IMPORTANT STEP IN THEIR LIVES. Hermana Moore was with me on Friday so luckily she was able to be a part of the baptisms! For the program we, along with the young women including the two that were baptized, sang "Daughter of a King." We left many teary-eyed...but what really got me the most was when scanning the room during the song, I saw Marilin, (mom of Fiorela) and she was sobbing. I tried to keep my compusure throughout the rest of the song. I was really touched at seeing a loving mom who had fallen away from the gospel for a time, see her daughter in white, entering into the baptismal covenant,  and singing about her divine nature. The Spirit filled the room. 

This week I have had many experiences that have taught me the importance of parents teaching their children the truths of this world, and the importance of teaching them who they truly are. It was evident in the song that we sang during the baptism. It was evident as we visited a less active member the other day and her 5 year old son.  We asked him if he knew who God was, if he knew that he was a child of God. He told us that he did not. Though we had been testifying to this young mother and stating lots of reasonable things, this simple question and simple reply by her son shook her up. We then sang  "I am a Child of God" and afterward this 5 year old boy sat in silence in a suprisingly calm manner. In a general conference, I  remember reading that if we do not teach our kids the truth of this gospel, the world will teach them Satan's lies. I am grateful to know that I am a child of God, and that he loves me. He has given me a family who love me and He seeks more than anything that each and every one of his children can make it back to live with Him. 

Also a great suprise...we are working with Aby and Liliana and Aby is planning to be baptized this Saturday!! Miracles! And prayers that are answered! 


Hermana Mathis

We are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father Who Loves Us
The Girls with their Families

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