Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day: The Best Week Ever!

This first week of the transfer has easily been one of my favorites of the mission! I literally am amazed at all that God was able to bless us with, and accomplish through us. God is so good!
With my new companion Hermana Moore
Tacos with Ruben and Soledad
Ruben and Soledad followed through with their promise to both give us tacos and come to church...and we also had the most spiritual experience with them. After we ate tacos, we began to talk about the importance of this life and the blessings that we can obtain if we live according to God's will. We asked them what they would ask God if they were in His presence in that very moment. Soledad said she would ask Him if they could be an eternal family. They began to tell us what they had told to many sets of missionaries about their plans to get married at the end of the year, wanting all their family to be able to be there, getting married in the south of Argentina, etc.  Everything they said was very valid. When I responded I said that if this was my church, my commadments, my answer, I would likely say GREAT! They are going to get married in the end of the year, they have plans, ok. But I told them how as a representative of Jesus Christ, I must tell them what I think Jesus would say in that moment, how they must repent now and how there is not a better time than today to make the necessary changes in our life. We kneeled down all together in prayer and were overcome by a feeling of peace as Soledad offered the prayer. After a few minutes of silence following the prayer, they came to the conclusion that they would get married March 11th, and Soledad accepted a baptismal date for March 18th. MIRACLES! You bet we were dancing in the street after this experience. 

ALSO, we had a great lesson with Liliana and Aby this week about repentance and the need to accept the help the Savior is always so willing to give us. Hermana Liliana said she would do us a favor by not coming to church- we quickly told her that this is never the case, and with feelings like this, she can be assured that they do not come from God. We testified to her of her divine nature and of the enduring love that God has for her, and this Sunday both Aby and Liliana came to church!!

Victoria, Roberto, and Lucia came to church as well! And Lucia is just loving young women's. Sheila is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Alma by now.  We are facing some challenges in the road as her mom is not allowing her to come to any church related activities.  As we talked to Sheila outside of her house, she told us that she knew the church was true, that what she had felt reading the Book of Mormon and attending church is something she had never felt before. Praying for a miracle here! Fiorela also came to church yesterday and she also is loving young women's and excited to receive her own Book of Mormon! We also have a new investigator we met this week named Claudia who has a baptismal date March 25th! All together in the church we had 5 investigators and 4 less active members!! It was truly incredible!! 

We are working hard! I love being a missionary and Hermana Moore is awesome.  She has got a killer voice that lifts our church meetings, and we were able to sing in sweet little Santiago's baptism Saturday and brought his family and him to tears. Such a sweet experience. 

I know that God knows what He is doing with us. I testify of the truthfulness of this scripture.  

Alma 26:27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we wereabout tturn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictionsand will give unto you success.

I know that any success that we have is a blessing that God gives us. I am happy to be here serving in Arroyito- there are so many people prepared to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. The heat has not been terrible and overall life is good.


Fun with the children of the Ward

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